Art of Work: Part 17 (Handling the Scandal)

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Ganesh: Pranam! What is this happening? Nowadays Saurabh is not interested in discussing any topic. This will ruin my relations with him. What do you say?

Pranam: You don’t worry my friend! I am here with you at every step.

Pranam was a shrewd personality. In other words, we can say that he is an opportunistic and at times he can be called as abhorrent (ghinona). Other colleagues disliked him and just followed what he said but it was an unrevealed fact. He possessed an attribute of politeness; in worst conditions also he may discuss the things very cleverly.

Ganesh and Pranam are now the confused characters of the story. After all, Ganesh was right hand of Sourabh but in spite of such an important relationship, one girl ruined everything. Frustrated Ganesh as described earlier started behaving immaturely and quite differently as compared to Pranam.The twist was that anytime he entered Sourabh’s office, Beanna was found. As a result, personal talks between Ganesh and Sourabh were getting invisible day by day.

Annoyed by strenuous (tough) situations, Ganesh decided to ask Shinaya about the tour in detail. Shinaya was surrounded by both and was being compelled to tell the real facts of Sourabh and Beanna. This was the second time when she was being enquired. Still, she escaped giving some excuses as there was no benefit of revealing the facts. There was a mystery which was becoming more complicated as time passed.

However, Shinaya was not that happy with the adverse conditions but from her innerself, she was satisfied as no male was there to scare her about Saurabh’s behaviour to her or in other words no male was left to rule females in the department. Still, the conditions changed in a different manner, Beanna started getting aggressive and she got an impression that now she is the queen of her King Sourabh.

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But, day by day Sourabh also got trapped in the love web and he also was unable to come out of his own dilemma. Now, the conditions started changing gradually but not in favour of Beanna but yes definitely in favour of our duo. They got the right path to attain their God………………………

Shinaya is a strong and smart character and one day came when Beanna screamed at her in front of all colleagues and staff members. That was the worst moment for Shinaya being senior to her. As the trend was there is no policy of seniority in office because new employee is more efficient as compared to the old one. This was the belief of Sourabh and that’s why he used to pay more attention on new entrants.

But Sourabh never knew that in his bad time, he would ever thank Shinaya who saved his professional life from shattering. For him Shinaya was just an employee without brain

Stay tuned to know how Shinaya will help Sourabh in future…………

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Art of Work: Part 16 (Shrewd Beanna)

Beanna won the heart of Sourabh. And an interesting story like puppy love started between both of them. Not a typical love story, but resembled same……….

Now the two comedians(Pranam and Ganesh) started roaming around the office of Sourabh and started the conspiracy. This time it was very tough because as we all know……

Love makes the world go round

Same happened with Saurabh, he started loosing his intelligence as usual. But Pranam and Ganesh didn’t take rest. Finally, one day came when Beanna started showing her shrewdness wrapped up by love and style. Sourabh started rebuking angrily on these both comedians every now and then. This was a matter of laughter for Shinaya because she was the only one who knew the whole story.

As she was also Beanna’s colleague cum friend but equally a competitor and junior to her. That was a game-changing moment when once Sourabh for the first time refused her official proposal. Now she was shocked and started shouting and bawling in the common cabins of all other employees. That was really disgusting for others. But, there was no solution, so all kept mum. Here comes the bossy attitude of Sourabh with which he couldn’t compromise. Beanna now was also upset looking at Sourabh’s bossy attitude as she had all tactics to get anyone fall on her great coquerty (nakhra) behaviour. But she never knew due to her inexperience and immaturity being younger to maximum employees in office.

After all “Boss is Boss”

However, this time Beanna controlled herself and Ganesh and Pranam came to know about the scandal to handle………………………………….

What was the scandal which was tough to handle?

Did Shinaya enjoyed the game or she would act as a player?

Lets see it in the next part of game…….

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Art of Work: Part 15 (Sourabh’s Madness Towards Beanna)

Do read the different ups and downs of the workplace.

Writer Dr. Shilpa

Before Beanna, Sourabh’s tuning with one more girl took place and she refused to come with him for the office tour. To make her jealous and to show that you are not only the one, he took Beanna with him. On the other side Shinaya was capturing each and every moment in her camera.

Her inner soul was asking that the reason she came for the tour because they both were enjoying at an extreme extent which was not acceptable at all. Beanna didn’t go mad for Sourabh but Sourabh was living a life of a bachelorette again with a young girl dying on her heartcatching words and styles……

Very soon they were going on with the love chatting and phone calls. But, there was something which was waiting for both. Now the trip was over and final return to the office was being discussed. All were packing there bags.


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