The seven chesrishable hours of school for a teacher are the blissful moments of her life.


She is the one who stands before the students and handles them with different personalities, attitudes and nationalities, keeping them united amidst their differences. It’s a big challenge for her by making them learn the scholastic and pre scholastic skills and be apart of their life to mould them as a good and responsible citizen of this society by inculcating moral values in them.

“Teachers are the architects of this society.”

They are the creators of this world by creating different professionals who evoke their due respect in this society. But are they given their deserved respect? Are they being esteemed for their work? At all times teachers have been made scapegoats, blamed for the pupils’ lack of progress or failure to achieve better grades.

Is it only the school’s and the teachers’ responsibility to mould the child? No! The parents are also equally responsible for the values to be inculcated in the child. Parents, being the first teacher to the child shouldn’t overshadow the child’s mind towards the teacher. They should furnish the child with a scaffold by creating a positive attitude and respect towards the teacher by saying that the school is the further platform for you to mould yourself as a respectable human being in the society. In today’s world the employed parents with their limited hours at home are unable to spend much time with their kids. The use of social media by the student must be limited. There should be regular monitoring of the child as what’s happening at school, taught in the school and what is to be taken to school the next day, when the parents keep themselves informed about such details on a regular basis, they would consequently be well prepared in planning out their child’s study schedule at home. Then comes the role of teacher as an emotional analyst who promotes students to have self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and encourages social skills by empathizing with others which are the five key elements of emotional intelligence. Thus, teachers and parents are the two major contributors to the positive growth and development of the student where the unquestionable key factor is reciprocal communication. Trust and mutual understanding between parent and teacher are the real secret of the child’s happy learning. As the child grows and hones himself in different skills, the teacher becomes a real guide in nurturing his interest and learning to make him more successful and independent.

It’s said

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu

Guru Devo MaheshwarahaGuru Saakshaat ParaBrahma

Tasmai Shri Gurvey Namaha


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