Telling a teenager, the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath               

                                                          – ARNOLD H. GLASOW

What’s the life of a teenager?

The period of adolescence nestled between childhood and adulthood is teen age. The baby stage or buds as they are called, finally start to bloom and get in their full grown, beautiful flowers. The whole process makes them so energetic that at times they don’t remember what they are doing. They are so energetic that they want success all times at the same time they get attracted to new things, characters and white wash themselves by keeping those images in their subconscious mind. Finally, they like to have an independent life by becoming very choosy in food, dressing and upgrade themselves by latest trends. Presently the world is run by technology hence they are not too untouched by the digital temptations that surround them. Parents feel triggered, as their child is becoming a stranger. They do not seem to have time to sit with their parents to share their vision and their affection. Coming to school life they like to enjoy in groups and have a chit chat, Tom and Jerry fights and prepare for the exams by regular study. As soon as teacher enters the class they will be like bee on a flower and after the period gets over, they will be like bees out of their hive. They portray themselves as they are grown up and forget to follow their accountable qualities and values. So, my dear teenagers though you are grown up try to have your life as bowl of cereal and try to accept the responsibilities by having control on your emotions, open communication with your parents, build self-confidence, truthful to your friends and by being obedient to your teachers. The few who follow these life skills will be able to thrive their life.



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