About Her
Ruchika Dubey, Worked in Qatar as an HR Administrator but left the job to enjoy motherhood. Got married and moved to the Middle East in the year 2006. 1980 born and brought up in Indore now popular as the Smart and No.1 city in Swachhta Bharat Abhiyan constantly for 2 years . Her education is from her native city.Her schooling is from St.Raphael’s Girls Convent School. Her Graduation is from Holkar Science College and MBA in Marketing from SVIM, Indore. Worked with Ranbaxy Laboratories & Glenmark Pharmaceuticals as Marketing Executive for 2 years. PG Diploma in HRD.
I love and miss Indore as I spent half of my life there. I miss my childhood days with my parents, relatives & friends most.
How and when did you get started as a writer?
Growing up I hated reading. I did all I could to avoid books. I always feel sleepy while reading books. Before I was an HR Professional. But being a homemaker and a mother of two kids I always gave priority to give proper care to my kids. I left my job. In my free time, I always surf the internet. Last year, one day I saw one post on Facebook to share our Story on “Life in Qatar”. Being a long time resident of Qatar, I wrote all about Qatar & my love for Qatar. When I posted & it got published I was overwhelmed. Then my writing journey started. I started posting blogs about places in Qatar. When all my friends and other people appreciated me I started writing more. Then I approached to the editor of Society Magazine in Qatar. He gave me the opportunity to submit my articles. This is how I developed a passion for writing.
How do you usually find your ideas?
Love for Qatar as my first home made me write about Qatar. I believe where we live is always our first home. I always miss my birth place, Indore. So living in Qatar and exploring different beautiful places in Qatar made me write about Qatar in my blogs. Everywhere there are ample talented people. I started interviewing people who directly or indirectly are contributing to our society in a positive way.
Did you ever get any rejections?
Rejections are for well-being of a Budding writer. Yes, I get rejections sometimes but that makes us improve our writing skills.
If yes, how did you react to them?
I react to them in a positive way. I try to edit them or frame it again. Rejections are for accepting our mistakes and rectifying them.
Tell us about your blogs. What was your first one?
Qatar is a small, peaceful and nice place to live. Presently I am writing blogs about places in Qatar to promote tourism.
Now tell us about your first article.
My first Article came in local family Magazine in Qatar. While writing my blog about Mangroves in Qatar, I read about a 16-year-old girl Lina from Qatar who started Non-Profit Organization to save Mangroves. It inspired me that how a girl is passionate to save nature. I thought to interview Lina and let others read my article so as to motivate everyone to love nature.
What inspired you to write about People in Qatar?
There are many people who are having so many talents. But they don’t get the platform to tell the world or come in limelight. I make articles on them and when they see their articles for the first time in the magazine, their smile makes me feel awesome.
How long did it take you to write it?
It takes weeks to explore an individual and write about them.
What are the major challenges that you have faced in your career?
There are many major challenges I think most women writers face. For me, I get impatient sometimes wondering if my article is good enough. If my writing is good enough, then once I sell my article and it is published I worry that how readers will respond. I am married with two children. As I need peace to write my blogs and articles, I manage to write when no one is at home. When my kids are at school I try to finish my assignments every morning. I teach creative writing classes a few times a year and give public speaking classes sometimes. Once my articles are finished I get impatient about the publishing time.I write because I love to make stories. If it get published, I feel on top of the world.
What do you advise new writers to do?
There is a saying “I just knew there were stories I wanted to tell”. So my fellow writers search for the stories. You will get ample of stories among yourself or in our community. Our role is to broaden our perspective and express them. We should express and explore. Please follow
The ability to write i.e. as a writer we need to put our ideas clearly and in unique way.
The ability to think of a story with some people, thing or place.
The ability to influence our readers with our stories is a great achievement.
For our readers, can you please share links of your articles & blogs.
Some of the links of my blogs for my readers. Explore Qatar with me.

Some of my articles links from Society Magazine, Gulf Times, Qatar
You can connect on facebook
On Instagram
Thank you Shilpa…..

Writer Ruchika Dubey


  1. Love you didi….m so happy for u…u r such a talented person..than also so down to earth…keep it up …may ur life always sail in the ship of success…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing article about Qatar’s beauty…

    You have bright future as lot of talents like you needed to write the beauty of nature in words while the habit of reading is taken away by gadgets like mobile phone for still photos and videos.

    It will be really great if you make more readers with your writing skills ..

    All the very best Ruchika ji..

    This is Karthik from Wakra Toastmaster’s…
    WhatsApp +974 5000 4291


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