Art of Work: Part 15 (Sourabh’s Madness Towards Beanna)

Before Beanna, Sourabh’s tuning with one more girl took place and she refused to come with him for the office tour. To make her jealous and to show that you are not only the one, he took Beanna with him. On the other side Shinaya was capturing each and every moment in her camera.

Her inner soul was asking that the reason she came for the tour because they both were enjoying at an extreme extent which was not acceptable at all. Beanna didn’t go mad for Sourabh but Sourabh was living a life of a bachelorette again with a young girl dying on her heartcatchingΒ words and styles……

Very soon they were going on with the love chatting and phone calls. But, there was something which was waiting for both. Now the trip was over and final return to the office was being discussed. All were packing there bags.

Sourabh: Where is Beanna?

Shinaya: Standing near the door of the hotel room with her baggage.

Sourabh seems to be searching as if after this trip he won’t let Beanna go out of his arms……. But destiny speaks

Sourabh: I hope Shinaya is a matured employee of organization and would not reveal the facts.

Shinaya: Definitely not! Sourabh

She smiled and went away leaving both for the last meeting with each other. Shinaya was a wounded employee of the organization due to her boss. She was not happy enough returning to office.

As soon as she joined office, Ganesh and Pranam both were ready to catch Shinaya and ask what happened….

But she was an honest one earlier she would have revealed basics but now she won’t.

Hence now the situation has turned from Ganesh to Beanna. This year the increments would be analyzed by Beanna because Ganesh was kept on one side and Pranam was with Ganesh all the time.

Pranam is an oversmart and over confident guy, like his boss he is opportunistic and tries to gain the position after manager.

In other words, he thinks that he is a manager only and also acts like him with other employees. He gets the work done by the juniors call ’em like that only and also he is expert in leg pulling. Always searching something on others’tables. Shinaya used to think that if something happens to lost, none would know the fact. Shinaya was a character in front of whom people became frank enough trusting her behaviour.

Somewhere boss also gained the same.. But Beanna was still thinking about the way she would daily impress Sourabh. And day by day, she was getting all those works also for whom Ganesh used to remain in attitude.

This was the loss of Ganesh and Pranam but they were quiet. But constantly they were running their brains so as to clean the dust near their boss and again they would take their positions. This was being enjoyed by Shinaya and she actually wanted the game changer which was Beanna.

Did they succeeded in their plans?

Was Shinaya’s thought right?

Lets wait for the next part…..


6 thoughts on “Art of Work: Part 15 (Sourabh’s Madness Towards Beanna)”

  1. Such a beautiful story..!
    Struggles of a girl and how she overcomes obstacles.. beautifully written! Going through the tough phases of life and accepting it’s challenges is all what a life is comprised of..
    Relatable..great job Ma’am !😘


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