Art of Work: Part 14 (Sourabh’s Professionalism )

From here only the story of Sourabh…

He was promoted by the chairman of company and he got an amazing package of about 10 Lacs whereas other deserving candidates like Shinaya, Sheenal and many more were just looking at him and comically Ganesh also was standing and staring……

As Ganesh was a real servant working for him 24*7, so he got the best salary hike of all.

Whatever, salary matters end after one month of increments. Now the employees were motivated to work hard throwing the hopes for next salary hike…..

But there was another movie which was already started and no one judged it so easily….. Suddenly, a tour was planned and Sourabh being opportunistic to grab management’s rewards for free. But, this was the golden opportunity to enjoy Bankok with his employee named Beanna. But his harsh luck was Shinaya…. Who was also selected for the same……….. He tried a lot but sometimes luck runs faster than bad motives…….

This was the best chance ever Shinaya could get to go for free but not a good company she got……. Still she doesn’t know what is going to happen during the tour…

Many other members of company were also there but from here these 3 only…….

Beanna was a charming, intelligent and with that brains to dominate others by making fun………

She was fond of becoming centre of attraction. For the same she used to wear sexy dresses and used to laugh louder….

Like, once she wore blue hot pants with black tank top. She was blushing seeing Sourabh in front of her and many a times, people used to get attracted seeing her dressing sense and fabulous make up. The atmosphere which she used to create was entertaining and healthy..

Sourabh was boss and he knew the girls under him would do anything he ordered and really his mentality had shown what he thought of……

But somewhere that Ganesh’s scene he remembered and stopped himself.. But the girl was so lovable and interesting that it became impossible for him to control his emotions……

And finally he got trapped in his own life. Shinaya was an observer as mentioned earlier, who used to do what was told to her. But, serving the food by a superior to subordinate was a special one. She could read his mind and heart being one. But there was something else apart from all.

Sourabh in 6 days was seeking place to meet Beanna again and again and now Shinaya sent this information to Ganesh…… Very happy and thoughtful that your movie is over now a girl would rule you….. Game over

This time Ganesh got a new friend cum colleague named Pranam. Pranam same as Ganesh was trying to make Sourabh free from all such type of people who may stop him in achieving his target Ganesh who was a wrong man. He was a liar and black hearted man…..

Ganesh got this news that boss is in chazing Beanna. As judged by Shinaya, Saurabh started trusting that new girl who just joined and was immature enough.

Story became more interesting when Ganesh approached Shinaya to know about the tour…. But you should know the fact that before returning Saurabh ordered Shinaya that no one in office should be disclosed about whatever happened in the trip…… Poor Shinaya

She was happy but there was no one to share a small incident where Beanna made her boss mad……..

I think we should wait for the next part to learn the reality of tour……

Actually what happened that couldn’t be revealed to anybody………..

Stay tuned my dear friends

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