Art of Work: Part 13 (Real Fun Begins in Shinaya’s Office)

As we all are acquainted with the fact that there was a fast and high turnover of employees in the office…..

Many freshers used to enter among whom girls are always there. Skinny and hot girls joined and now the story turns……

Shinaya was now senior to all new entrants. In other words competitors..

As Shinaya tried to be professional as compared to other employees who were not so competent but good players in such a competitive era, she still strived to survive as in need of her job.

It was a different experience for Ganesh because he was younger to Sourabh. He fell for a girl and gradually he tried to come closer to her and very soon he succeeded in his plan. Sourabh and Ganesh used to discuss everything whether it was about office or any employee or even the increments ….

One day came and that girl blamed Ganesh for copying all her personal images in his personal computer. When the case was put in front of Managing Director Mr. Kishanlala, he said… “Sourabh will decide” Generally an irritating statement by such an experienced personality used to ruin his image in front of all. But this is fate….. Hahaha

Finally, Ganesh proved that he had no such thing with him with the help of his boss Sourabh….. Naturally

This was first incident which took place and Shinaya came to know the second funny character in her office….

This Ganesh was such a weird character that he used to talk in attitude even if he was proved wrong…Disgusting employee…

No one could take the dare to tell Sourabh that your blind trust will kill you one day……..

After sometime that girl left and joined hands with the bigger name. This proved that both were not only playing with the name of organization but also with their own characters……

As Shinaya was just waiting for the day when she could remove the tag of “Politician” being with some senior who betrayed her badly…….. ….

She actually came to know the fact that boss has taken her name as a politician and harmful personality

Howsoever… In search of right day and right time to clarify the doubts there were 2-3 beautiful girls who were again hired by the authorities. I mean Sourabh and Mr. Kishanlala…..

Sourabh: This candidate is deserving.

Mr. Kishanlala: You are genius Sourabh, because of you only we are growing.

Sourabh: You can easily observe that others are just waiting for the work to be assigned but…. See me I am a devoted employee. Please concentrate on my salary hikes. They are lazy people enjoying AC of their cabins.

Like this he used to spend his time daily with MD and brushed his gained confidence at its extent……

Sourabh was a devoted employee of organization but not for people working under him….

Still 2 unmarried girls again Shinaya can see in the office……She thought,

“Again girls that too so beautiful…..now I don’t think I can survive”

But still those 2 were inexperienced but good marketeers. They knew what to speak when someone is rude or how to impress boss.

This is a bit long story……. Lets move to part 14 for the same…….

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