Art of Work: Part 12 (Still Not Over)

Shinaya was shocked to see her low increment because she tried her level best whether it was the obeying boss or handling the responsibility towards the company…….

Her performance was upto the mark but the problem which she could analyze was the basic communication gap due to rudeness of her boss and hesitation of hers which gifted her monetary loss…..

Shinaya: Sourabh, I want to write a mail to request higher authority and would like to convince them. I will try to get more bugs as I think I have performed my duties honestly….

Sourabh: Yeah! You can write an email to me or else write an application requesting to increase the salary.

Shinaya: Thanks a ton and she smiled.

As she was proceeding, a huge list of responsibilities  she holded in 6 months could be seen.

Sourabh: No need to add more stuff Shinaya. This will do.

Shinaya was quietly observing his tone and she stopped writing and completed her application. Her fault was that she didn’t go personally and requested to the senior management. But afterwards she thought, that was better to save her job…..

However her salary increased by 500 bugs added to 1000 earlier. Her points were taken into consideration. But there was something which was pinching her again and again……..

What was that? Lets go to the next part where she observed the different relation of Sourabh and Ganesh.

Naturally in meetings, clearly Sourabh used to say that he is the only one person who is responsible……..

Scroll down please


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