Art of Work: Part 11 (Interesting Facts)

Sourabh and Shinaya were in acquaintance of each other but Sourabh was boss and he had a flatterer named Ganesh. He had a quality of controlling Sourabh as he gained trust and once Sourabh starts trusting anyone, no one could break his trust on anyone,then whether he or she is a peon.

Shinaya didn’t know the fact in depth. …Prima facie she was not assigned any tough task for about 6 months and she enjoyed because she also took time to understand and adjust the working environment but……Still she waited long for any responsibility or duty so as to prove her skills……….

“Everytime she used to answer in anger if asked by any of her colleagues, if he will keep his facial expressions normal then only I could communicate…..Huh”

Her boss’s behavior was really questionable…. .Whenever she tried to talk or take permission, his rude answer was disappointing her being a new joinee.. . Apart from all these problems , she tried to analyze her mistakes or so and she also started blaming herself…..

Howsoever, in the meantime she also got some colleagues cum friends with whom she was not much comfortable….but no choice…. ..

The turnover rate of employees was very high. If 3 joined after 6 months or so 2 would definitely resign commenting either non-professional attitude of boss or they may also become the part of harsh game…..

But Shinaya was calmly watching and waiting for her turn to prove her work. .. But as we see she is quietly waiting for some change…..it was her late appraisal which firstly disappointed her…………

We need to see whether she became victim of politics or she was unable to meet the expectations of the manager.

Part 12 will show the real status of her late increments……

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