Art of Work: Part 10 (Funniest and Entertaining Scene)

Second day in a new office is always an exciting one where with full on enthusiasm a candidate wants to prove his/her work by following some trends of any organization and applying some new tactics for the development of same.

This would be a good humorous scene….

Shinaya being new comer was shown her desk and as described, again and again the boss used to visit the area where the cubicals of his employees.

As Shinaya was unknown, innocently working on the deskcomp, after every half an hour she was thrilled to see the manager murmuring to Sheenal Daniel or Shirama Happy or somebody else…..

At this situation she was unable to analyse or understand what was happening… Even sometimes she saw him whispering in the ears of one of the employees…….

“In the meanwhile, she also predicted her future, where she may also be ordered in her ears.”

However she was just trying to adjust and Sheenal came and assigned her the work given by her boss to address the guests. She even didn’t know what the event was. No prior information, no email or notice…..

She had never seen such environment where profession was homely. This was the new and blind turn of her life where she was even not knowing what next…..

Still, she finished the assigned work of addressing in the event which was informed through ears……..

Here we can understand that the story of Shinaya may be weird while working at her new office……….

Lets wait for upcoming excitement in her office….

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