Art of Work:2018 Part 9 (Shinaya’s Welcome)

Sourabh: We are glad to inform you about your association with us. Congratulations to you!

Shinaya: Thank you so much Sir…Oh thats such an exciting news for me as I was badly searching a job…

Sourabh: Your salary package will be 1.44 Lakhs per annum. We will provide you with the bonus and increments as per your performance.

As you all are aware of our emotional character Shinaya who has recently recovered from depression and now stands as a strong working woman in today’s world where there is no existence of honest, obedient and hard working people sometimes even considered as a fools……

She had left the school job and gotta new job in a company…..

Shinaya has a number of friends (ex-colleagues ) some of whom were since her student life and others from her past companies. This job she had approached through some references and after a long hardwork on the different consultancies in her city……

This is the first day of her new job where she said yes to manager at low salary package…. Still she is excited to see new place, new people and new environment……

Hi Shinaya ….Welcome to our family.. She was amazed listening family because always she had heard organization… But here something was attractive…… was tough to decide on first day of job…..

Clean and green atmosphere around her. Healthy and happy environment which was funny enough for her being a professional … The seniors didn’t seem to be senior. The manager was like again and again roaming near the employees and very friendly……

Small office with around 8-10 employees and 2 office staff. Some peons were also seen roaming around.

So she thought the best place was gifted by God after a struggle of one year….. But such a rich place… Less burdened employees…. Fun and frolic always….Such an attractive jobplace….

But there was something she noted the second day……Whats that???

Lets again wait for a new twist in the next part….


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