It was hard to accept the truth for Shinaya that she came incomplete and her hunger for her lover was increasing day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute…… With this many questions about that so called eternal love being practical………

Why didn’t he tried to love me as a whole? Was he really making love? Can it truly happen that a boy can leave a girl incomplete during sex? Whether he is impotent? Does he love me?…… And she contacted Veekabi and revealed the whole fact…..

Shi: Veekabi, I had met him but……

Vee: Oh really my dear! But did you remember my words of limitation or not…. …

Shi: I am sorry but I became so crazy that my madness took me to him without any hesitation……

Vee: That’s not good my dear… Whatever please let me know what happened……

Shi:You would be shocked, to hear that we made love and not real sex…..

Vee: Naughty you are😂😂😂😂 say watever is true…. If completely you had sex…. I wouldn’t oppose my dear…..

Shi: No! really it happened……But…..

Whole picture of shivering and nakedness with hugs and kisses was in front of her and it was tough for her to grasp the reality….whereas she knew that her friendship was as transparent as a glass of water. Still, she was appreciating the luck of Shinaya…..

But Shinaya was not even in her own hands and continuously brain was exercising the answers to all the questions…….

Shi: Hi

Zam: Hey! Honey,how are you?

Shi: I am not fine, whatever happened between us was an incomplete one… Lets complete that my love…. I am unable to stay without you and I want you now passionately…..

Zam: But you also know we made love and you were also the same….How can you say this?

Shi: See I heard that boys can’t control their feelings and therefore they complete their desires fully with the girls they love…..But in our case it was an incomplete process…. I want to fulfill my desires with you….. I can’t compromise anymore….

Zam: See Shinaya! I don’t know why you are becoming so lustrous…..Your talks reveal as if going to bed is everything in love…. For me the definition of love is this only….. Making love …If it doesn’t suits you search someone else who can give you such pleasure…..

Shi: What? Lustrous!!!!!!!!! And find someone…. Is this fair enough?

These words of hatred made her cry and she was unable to ignore the harsh words of Alazam whom she had loved so far……And the other problem was that the basic nature of Alazam was being less talkative so the real situation turned to… Shinaya’s 10 liner and Alazam’s ignorance to her…..or 1 liner message……

Now what…… Shinaya went into depression and started consulting doctors because she was unable to tolerate ignorance and hard time….Frequently experiencing anxiety and high BP. She met a doctor who provided medications……. Stillll…. Her confidence was gone with Alazam…. His name was a history for her as he blocked her forever…….When she shared the problem he asked to prove the statement whether she was true to him or not…. Whether in real Dr. has declared depression or not………

She was also afraid that whatever she did with Alazam may not be revealed to others…. and many more other doubts in mind made her annoyed and sick…. Now there was no Zam in her chat world…. She tried calling him but he never had a telephonic conversation….within the tenure hardly they conversed 2 times…… So now it was impossible for her to connect with him…….

Vee: What has happened to you?

Shi : I am in depression and fearful….

Vee: Why my dear?

She explains each and every word of Alazam which was troubling her……

Now what should Shinaya do? Whether she was wrong at her place as she dreamt of Alazam as her Prince Charming?

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  1. Omg i dont like ths twist… wht happend to alzam.. he loved her too then why sudden he changed😐 and strted ignoring her…sex is also part of love…whts wrong in tht if female express her desire…..its our male dominant society who doesnt allow female to be open up😑… i thought it would be happiest moment for shinaya but here… it converts totally😞


  2. Todays thinking is to act before thinking and later get a depression as a reward.
    Shinaya did the same.
    She was not in love it was her negative passion.she should have used this energy in setting some goals.
    Love means
    These days people r self centred.they want the world to b according to them…..false notion so enjoy depression .
    I appreciate Dr shilpa to write on such issue n spread awareness amoung our young generation.

    Liked by 1 person

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