After the first meet, Shinaya was not in herself and eagerly waiting for her lover to again ask for meeting as she also wanted someone to adore her, pamper her and be with her till eternity…..

Zam: Hey, Honey How are you?

Shi: Very happy to be in your relationship and person like you is a boon for me… I Love You….

Zam: Oh Shinaya! I too love you but when would be our next love date?

Shi: I too wanted to ask the same… .

Shinaya was uncontrollable Shinaya who was waiting for just a word to meet him. Now, she had gained more confidence to trust this man…… Now the next meet with him would be full of erotic and romance……

This time no compromise was from her and all the way she went to meet Alazam again at his home. This was an eternal moment for both the lovers who met to enjoy that erotism ……But you would be amazed to know that they were very close to each other but they were just sharing their love feelings.. There was no wildness of attaining each other’s body where Shinaya was totally shivering and Alazam was also in with the same. But simply they had a beautiful day with each other…….. No one could judge the beauty of both hearts and clarity of understanding with each other which was a real fact.

Zam: I am unable to understand my situation as my thought was to enjoy romance and sex with you. … But I am unable to understand why am I just looking at your beauty and just taking your hand in my hand and really with you I am also shivering……

Shi: But……. It was not at all even my thought….I want to be yours……. not even by my body but my soul also…..

Real fact was different which actually we all think because their madness took each other to the bed..and the story doesn’t ends in sensuality whereas it was an urge of seeing each other, laughing with each other and lastly hunger was calmed down with “methi ke parathe” in the month of October when its cool outside and heat was generating from their ownselves.

Shinaya had kept in her tiffin for her school, which she didn’t attend for the day. About four to five hours they spent with each other getting naked but just kisses and hugs took place and no complaints towards each other…… Such an eternal love for each other…. ….

This was a new twist again for Shinaya when she started forgetting the paths while driving, drowned in him and his thoughts.

Being passionate for him trying to chat more than earlier.. …. And at her toes always to move when called upon.. ..Although they didn’t meet after that by God’s grace…….

In the next part .. ..will this love remain eternal or goes off???

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  1. Wow !! wht a pure feeling u shared … such an interesting story… wanna know whole… 😍 waiting for next part

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh lovely words…… Really very soon you will be reaching out to the conclusion……….. 😘😘😘😘


  2. 😍😍😍


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