FB MESSENGER 2017-PART 5 (Shizam First Meet @Home)

Shinaya’s unconditional love and somewhere making love with Alazam was a question. Veekabi was her friend but her friendship is for whole life and already secured. Other side full on love Alazam was standing. … He couldn’t be ignored at any cost now….. Her passion for him.. …

In amidst of all such complex thoughts, chatting was at high pace, where fluctuating emotions were playing with her heart… . .

Still chatting with Alazam took a new turn….. .

Shi: Good evening

Zam: Honey, Don’t you think today it’s Tuesday and we had an acceptance of being each others’ for a day!!!!

Shi: Oh my dear, I was a bit busy, but now I am totally free for the meet….

As she is feeling she has escaped from the matter…….But,

Zam: Hey so right now I am reaching home as there is nobody, so lets meet honey….. .

Shinaya here is very excited and eager to meet Alazam leaving all thoughts asking his address, taking all risks of her life, ignoring friendship and finally reaches his door where already he was standing and waiting for her… …..Such a lovely moment calling, her eyes full of sensuousness……..

The story starts with the strong vibrations of his touch followed by so many hugs and continued kisses where they both would have crossed all limits…………but Alazam was a genuine man with respect towards the girl with whom he was meeting…….although he had revealed so many secrets to Shinaya…..and she was with her all possessions in front of him insisting further……..

The feeling which Shinaya gained was high morality and respect towards Alazam……….

Still this was the first meet…… And story of real love starts now because Shinaya has gained a different experience of her life as she is confused with the saying now “man is man” which her love diary was again and again reminding of the impression earlier she gained of Alazam. ………

Shi : Veekabi, I met him…

Vee: What? Wow

Shi: He is a lover, a good man and not like others always dying for sex……

Vee: You are so lucky my darling….God bless you and your love… But still I will say take care of your limits….

Shi: Ya, my deares bestie…. …

Stilll the story continues…… Much more to go.. ..

Whether the meeting was enough for both or again and again the same demand by him would be followed by her.. …what is Veekabi doing in the story….. Stay tuned my dear friends…..

Happy reading😊😊😊😊

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