FB MESSENGER 2017-PART 4 (Welcome New Entrant)

After a beautiful love date Shinaya was not in her own self. Her mind and heart both went with Alazam…Strangely she meets a very good friend of hers and her name was Veekabi. And she reveals whole story to her….

Shi: I am in love…

Vee: With?

Shi : mmmm…. Actually you know him….

Vee: Will you tell the name ?

Shi: Yeah….. Alazam

Vee: What? That Handsome… .Wow.. I am so happy for you. But..

Shi: But… ..

Vee: Do not cross your limits ever.

Shi: Ya, I won’t.

The conversation was over but Shinaya had in her mind only one thing….So nice he is! So beautiful I am! He loves me so much.

“Oh my lover, I will do as you say. I trust you for my life..”

Shi: Hi Alazam, If you love me so much… Will we marry some


Zam: Definitely yeah, Honey…But….

Shi: But… My dear!

Zam: Could we meet once at my place?

Shi: Ok, let me think once….

Zam: Whats this Honey? Whenever I ask you, always you say let me think… Is this fair Honey?

Shi: You are right dear but… I am scared to meet you in such a place where only you and me and nobody else……..

Zam: So you want someone else in our love. This is how your love seems to be. Ok, do one thing….lets meet on coming Tuesday and try to make love between us.

Shinaya was on the path of love but some questions in her mind were arising.

What a conditional love? Why is it becoming necessary to meet at his place? Whether it is safe to meet him at his home? Knowing everything, she thought that again she would made an excuse and she would win this time also…. Love apart and she tried to discuss this with her friend Veekabi.

Shi: Hi Vee

Vee: So, Howz your love life?

Shi: Some suggestions to take dear…

Vee: Oh! Come on ,you don’t need to ask baby.

Shi: Actually, Alazam insists the next date at his place… I think…….. I should go or not. If I go, I am forcing unnecessarily myself and if I don’t he would get hurt by my deed.

Vee: You r right but….tell me howz the man…. Is he trustable? Do u really love him? An unconditional love between you then there is a condition which I can smell easily. Generally you know, sometimes girls are unable to judge the things and afterwards get stuck in big problems. I suggest you not to meet at private place… Just meet him at public place…..

Shinaya was so tensed that she tried to convince Alazam many times but everytime after some interval , they used to chat upon this……….. Meet meet meet?

Lets wait for Part 5 to finally see that Shinaya takes the meeting decision fast or still Tuesday remains………………

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13 thoughts on “FB MESSENGER 2017-PART 4 (Welcome New Entrant)”

  1. Can really see the story moving… That defines how beautiful the writter imagination nad power of word is, making reader to live the story… Well written mam 😊😊


  2. Hope ths veekabi is not villan in ths storyπŸ˜‰πŸ˜›… dont want to spoil the flow😍… keep writing . M waiting for the next part


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