Cafe Coffee Day, a destination of lovers or proposers. Obviously, Shinaya had the first date in her life with the person whom she started loving and definitely started possessing him from her soul.

Shi: Hi

Zam: Hey, Are we meeting today? Honey

Shi : What do you say, Bee?

Zam: This is becoming an albatross around  neck*. I think we should once meet and sort out the problem.

Gradually, the story of love and passion begins as Shinaya is in her own world and imagining the personality as she had imagined. When she met Alazam, the conversation goes on like this… ..

Zam : (With happiness) My dear Shinaya,  Your eyes speak the words of your heart and thats the reason why I love you a lot.

Shi: (Eyes down in shyness) Thanks My Alazam, your typed words are my passion which are day by day entering my soul and gradually feel that I am becoming yours and you mine……

Zam: See, I came for you, dont you think so?

Shi: Yeah, My life….

Zam: Lets go for a drive (as in his car)

Shi: Why not?

They had a beautiful time with each other also discussed family and career in addition to the secrets.

Zam: Next when we will meet my dear? …. And also you must have judged me, I am a genuine person, Yes or No?

Shi : Whenever you say,  my love? Ya I trust you.

For Shinaya trust was a tough word but as we see, she is ready to trust him after 6 months….

Here what will be Alazam’s answer.. ….

Will he ask her to come home again…. .lets move to Part 4 for the answers.. ..

*gale ki haddi banna


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