Shi: Hi

Zam: Hey

Shi : Do you really love me?

Zam : Ya I do, Honey

Reading the word honey, Shinaya was so overwhelmed and impressed that she wanted Alazam to chat with her all the time and she opened up all the chapters of her life to him. This is how she started trusting her love……

Shi: Lets meet my darling bee

Zam : Ya Honey… But at home only

Shi: But at home, I am not prepared to…

Zam: See we are in love and if we meet at home, dont you think we could come nearer and cosy to each other…..

Everytime he tries to convince her and she with her increasing passion and love for him tried to resist that situation of meeting at home.

Then too, everytime Shinaya first pinged him and then he used to reply. The girl with all her heart used to wait for a single initiative taken by her Zam….. But pity on that poor girl.

Still as Zam was a high tempered man, he used to make different plans to meet her at his place, one or other reasons or excuses by Shinaya made him more and more angry…..

After 6 months, Zam agrees to meet Shi at public place and here the first date comes….

Shi with her beautiful eyes which Zam always wrote as a compliment that are “trustable and lovable” was blushing and her wait was yet finished to meet him.

But still the story remains…. Whether the meeting was enough or home as a dating spot was still remained…….Part 3 very soon……….


  1. Nice mem 💓


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