FB MESSENGER 2017: Part 1

Lets see whether Shinaya goes to meet Alazam or not…….. In the next part

Writer Dr. Shilpa

“You are so attractive and beautiful and I am also Handsome……. you and I will make a fabulous couple”

A boy says to a girl for the first time when that girl whose name is Shinaya is amazed reading that message and thought. We need to note here that she is new to the chat world and thought…..

yeah somebody has pinged andsaid that I am beautiful “

That boy named Alazam was a Software Engineer in an MNC and the level of chat they attained was showing the glimpses of love and an urge to meet each other..

Alazam:”Please come to my home”

Shinaya: “No… Lets have coffee at CCD”

Shinaya was a teacher in a school always used to go in complexity of thoughts and started trying to confirm the words of love what she concluded out of the chat in routine whether are…

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